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Josh Rosera

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I am a Ph.D student working with Drew Coleman on understanding the timing of emplacement of intrusions with respect to mineralization. Mainly, we will be testing hypotheses about the origin of high silica magmas associated with base metal mineralization, where in time these magmas are generated within long-lived magma systems, and the role of volatiles throughout the life of the system. Our plan is to contrast compositionally similar magma systems that have drastically different histories of metallogenesis. To do this, we will combine field work with U/Pb zircon geochronology and isotope geochemistry. We will also perform microprobe studies on a suite of nearby lower crust xenoliths to attempt to determine the source of halogens in these volatile-rich magmas.

Currently, I am lecturing GEOL 483: GIS and Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences. I spent the last four years working in industry. Most recently, I was an operations geologist for a team that managed a large carbonate-hosted oil field in west Texas. Prior to that, I spent two years as a mine geologist at an underground molybdenum mine.

Away from school, I spend most of my time with my wife and daughter. We love hiking in the mountains and going to zoos and museums in the area. Occasionally, I write and record music. As is the case for my research interest, my musical taste is largely focused on hard rock and heavy metal.


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